Our Mission

To provide a quality, clinically proven, and easy to use oral device disinfectant that helps promote good health.

How it Started

- In 2007 while watching a college football game being played on a muddy field, Mary Susan DolceAmore and her husband Albert C. DolceAmore watched in horror as a player used his visibly dirty glove to insert his visibly dirty mouth guard. Mary Susan as a mom and Albert who works in Clinical Research, knew that couldn’t be good for the player’s health. Albert then looked into what pathogens and germs were found on used mouth guards. The findings were astounding. He then researched the options for cleaning and disinfecting mouth guards, it became apparent – there was no product available that could be used on the field of play, quickly and effectively – when the player needed it most. That’s how it all began.

SaniBrands, Inc. went to work to create, clinically test, patent and bring to market Defense Sport Mouth Guard Disinfectant.


– After interviewing numerous Professional Athletic Trainers and team dentists they knew it had to be alcohol and sugar free formula safe for players over 45 lbs. and contain no artificial color. It also had to be easy to apply and work quickly and effectively. Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) was chosen as the main ingredient. CHG has been used for over 50 years safely and effectively by dentists, doctors and veterinarians.

Clinically Tested

– Reading published studies regarding dirty mouth guards and how they affected players health, they tested their formula for efficacy against the five most common pathogens found on dirty mouth guards. They learned – it’s the dirty gloves, hands, uniforms, balls and fields that transfer germs, dirt and pathogens to the mouth guards as they are touched. Mouth guards are re-contaminated each time a player removes and inserts one.


– SaniBrands holds a US Patent for the only mouth guard disinfectant the is proven to effectively disinfect mouth guards (oral devices)


- Mary Susan using her years of business experience, with Albert’s support now heads SaniBrands, Inc. She along with a Board of Advisers is providing Defense Sport Mouth Guard Disinfectant to teams and individual athletes. The product continues to help both professional and non-professional athletes stay healthy.