Athletic Trainers

"Defense Sport is the only product that I know which sanitizes a mouth guard. It has scientific study to back-up its use. I think it is a quality product."
John Norwig
Head Athletic Trainer - Pittsburgh Steelers
PFATS President

"Great guy & great product”
Mike Ryan
Head Athletic Trainer
Jacksonville Jaguars


“Good man with a great product”
Eric Sugar
Head Athletic Trainer
Minnesota Vikings

I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner."
John Mellody
Head Athletic Trainer
New York Jets



"This is imperative to have in the gym bag at all times”

“Athletic mouthguards become highly contaminated with wear and should be sanitized daily”

Men’s Health

Mens Health "Here’s how you can keep your guard pristine: Replace it every two weeks, and between uses, Treat it like Granny treats her dentures, says Glass. Consider an antibacterial rinse like Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse from Sani Brands Inc., the first product of its kind. " Many NFL teams—including the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New York Giants—use it.

Hockey Gear Review

“Where you will really notice the effect of the rise, is when you are playing and that kinda slimy feeling or taste on the mouthguard is no longer there. That my friends is the best part. It feels clean, smells clean and is clean. “

“It allows me to easily take care of cleaning my mouth guard without having to remember to bring it in. Just a couple squirts of the liquid on the mouth guard before and after I play and it feels great. I have peace of mind knowing that 99% of the bacteria that grows on mouth guards has been killed.”

Lacrosse Playground

"We uncovered a new product on the market that you and your whole team should consider, Defense Sport."

Consumer Feedback

"This product is really needed, I can tell you from having played both Football and Ice Hockey at the College level, coaching Ice Hockey at the Travel and College level and having 3 kids who played at the High School and College level. The attention myself and my 2 sons and daughter gave to our Mouthgards, forget about it! Lucky if it even got rinsed, it goes for the young adults I coached, after Games and Practice S.O.P. was to just throw it in your gear bag. These days with the Antibiotic resistant strains of Bacteria, etc., etc. Too much at risk, weather chapped/cracked lips and dirty moouthgards, recipe for disaster. Needed at every level of sports!!"

Chuck S.