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Momsteam posts a great article about the importance of daily sanitizing mouth guards!

Possible disease transmission by contaminated mouthguards in two young football players

Dr. Christina Lawrence, DDSR. Thomas Glass, DDS, PhD; C. Rieger Wood, DDS; James W. Bullard, BA, MS; Robert S. Conrad, PhD

Below is an abstract of an article from Sports Dentistry that examines the importance of cleanliness during athletic activities. Defense Sport can be added to any athletic regimen as a smart habit to address the health concerns mentioned in the following article.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends mouthguards for all contact sports. Over the counter purchased mouthguards are customized by heating and molding the guard to the teeth of the athlete. With rough borders and a semi-custom fit these guards are the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast and molds.  Microorganisms are found on the surfaces and in the porosities of the mouthguards.  Pathogens have direct access to the blood supply of the oral cavity.  Wearing these guards also provides access to the respiratory and gastrointestinal system of the athlete.  Many of these organisms can lead to infection in the athlete. 

To limit the bacteria and pathogen load of these guards the authors of this article are recommending discarding these over the counter mouthguards at least weekly.  This can lead to quite a financial expense.  Daily sanitation of the guard is possible with Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse.  

-Dr. Christina Lawrence, DDSRead Full Article

Mouthguards in Sports: A Necessary Piece of Equipment

SaniBrands is not only concerned with the cleanliness of mouthguards, but also with educating the general public about the benefits of wearing a sports mouthguard during athletic activity.  The following article briefly explains the severity of some dental and facial injuries that can occur in the absence of any protection for the teeth.  The article mentions that “an athlete is 60 times more likely to sustain damage to the teeth when not wearing a protective mouthguard.” Read Full Article

Mouthguard Infection Control Guidelines

An athletic mouthguard is an excellent addition to the protective sports apparel that athletes wear every time they practice or compete.  Although mouthguards are already a necessity in so many sports, it is important that athletes are educated on how to properly care for the mouthpiece and keep it clean.  This article outlines some general practices that mouthguard users should follow – and Defense Sport Mouthguard Rinse could make this routine much more practical!Read Full Article