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A message from SaniBrands:

Where Have Your Hands Been?

“Where have my hands been?”  At SaniBrands, we believe athletes especially should be asking themselves this very question, and in a society that is ever-conscious of exposure to dirt and germs, this question becomes all the more pertinent.

Studies show that athletes have exhibited a variety of contaminants on their hands both in competition and practice.  This foreign matter includes, but is not limited to:

  • Blood
  • Sputum
  • Mouth discharges (tobacco products)
  • Chemicals
  • Animal feces
  • Other players DNA

These contaminants are present on playing fields (both natural and artificial), uniforms, sports equipment, competitors and teammates; for both indoor and outdoor sports.

Of course, these contaminants wouldn’t pose a threat to athletes if they remained outside of the body - however with the increased use/requirement of athletic mouthguards, athletes are constantly using their dirty hands to touch their mouthguards during breaks at practices and games.  

 SaniBrands believes that behind all great science is great common sense.  Some of the most revolutionary discoveries have provided from solutions derived from common everyday products.  Now athletes have Defense Sport, Mouth Guard Rinse to remove dirt and grime from their mouthpiece in a fast and practical way.

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